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Recommended Products:

Getting started? I recommend these three items to help you play the guitar.

  1. Guitar Tuner - It's easiest to keep your guitar in tune with a good headstock tuner. What's special about these is that it doesn't  matter how noisy the room is. They tune by the vibration of the instrument. We carry two. The Intellitouch is my favorite because it's slightly larger and the battery easily recharges via a UPS chord conected to your computer. We also offer the little clip-on tuner which is 1/3rd the price. MORE INFO On Guitar Tuners.
  2. Music Stand - Using a music stand helps tremendously. It helps to facilitate good posture, makes you feel like a real musician, and makes it much easier to see the music. Here is a good quality, inexpensive, foldable music stand from Amazon I recommend. MORE INFO On Music Stand.
  3. Guitar Support - I personally use the ErgoPlay Troster Support these days, but the Tappert is also excellent. These make a huge difference in helping you play with good guitar technique because it lifts up the instrument. There are even support for kids. MORE INFO On Guitar Supports.

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