Jean Welles Worship Guitar ClassTM Mastering Finger Picking

Would you like to play your guitar with fluid finger picking styles? In our course, Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class(TM) - Mastering Finger Picking, you will learn lots of finger picking techniques with songs to help improve your fingerpicking skills. In this course you will learn easy to follow finger picking exercises, song accompaniments and instrumental solos to expand your skills.

Mastering Finger Picking includes a few Christmas songs, Hymns, classical pieces and even a flamenco solo. The material is all new and not in our original course, JW Worship Guitar Class. 

T If you have never played before, I recommend starting with at least the first volume of the 'Jean Welles Worship Guitar ClassTM' series.

This Finger Picking Course Includes:

  • Finger Picking Exercises
  • A Few Christmas
  • Instrumental Solos
  • Songs with the Travis Pick
  • An hour of teaching in the DVD (12 Lessons)
  • A book with the music and tips on playing.
  • A Flamenco solo with the tremolo, rasqueado and the tambour.

The book includes both the musical notation and guitar tablature. Here are a few of the lessons:

Lesson 1 - Left-hand exercises

Lesson 2 - Away in a Manger - 2 arrangements

Lesson 3 - What Child Is This - 2 patterns, including an unusual one.

Lesson 4 - What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Travis Pick

Lesson 5 - Leaning On The Everlasting Arms - Travis Pick, including some extra 'goodies.'

(Lessons 2 through 4 are song accompaniments. The rest of the lessons are instrumental solos.)

Lessons 6 - 12 include songs like 'Greensleeves,' 'All Hail The Power of Jesus Name,' an instrumental solo of 'What A Friend We Have In Jesus' and more. The last song is an arrangement of 'Malagueña.' You will learn techniques like the tremolo, tambour and rasgueado.

Where This Course Is Available

The course is both available here or you may prefer to purchase it locally through one of the stores that carry our materials.

Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t delighted with Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class(TM) - Mastering Finger Picking, just return it for a refund. There is a 1-year money back guarantee.

Jean Welles Worship Guitar(TM) - Mastering Finger Picking

Book and DVD.


"My son has enjoyed the kids guitar lessons DVD and is really doing well. The guitar we bought from you sounds really great for such a reasonable price, and the case is just right for him to carry and protect it. 

Since things are going so well, I plan to buy the adult DVD class along with a guitar from you also. That way I can play with him!"

- Manny Venegas

We loved the old version of Kids Worship Guitar. It went at a delightful speed in which it was very easy to keep up with therefor instilling confidence with each lesson rather then discouragement. We really liked the fact that the songs were not worldly and that the kids new most of them.

Our version of the original Kids Worship Guitar has been lent out (and never came back) so we may have to purshase the old and new to make sure that (for my boys) the fact that the songs will not be familiar to them will not discourage them. It will be difficult for them to try to play something they don't know and can't read.

We are looking forward to being able to compare them side to side, and to see if your new version will be as successful as your original one. I'm sure it will be as you have done such a wonderful job on all of your instructional guitar classes.

Thank you for providing us with this service. We are a homeschooling family who could not afford personal music lessons, nor would not want to, as the music taught in these classes are not something we would want our children to be exposed to.

Again thanks so much for all your hard work!

- Charlotte


Jesus is LORD!