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“Want To Learn How To Play The Guitar and Worship Songs Fast? Try Our Simple Step-By-Step Christian Guitar Lessons!”

Christian Guitar Enthusiasts, You Can Learn to Play Worship Guitar At Home – With Ease!

JW Worship Guitar Class - Easy To Learn Christian Guitar Lessons“Play Beautiful Worship Guitar Music In The Comfort of Your Own Home In Just A Few Short Days… Even If You’ve Never Picked Up A Guitar In Your Life”

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“Play-as-you-watch process” illustrated in vivid yet, simple, step-by-step detail in this Christian Guitar DVD course. In just a few months, when you pick up a guitar they’ll think you’ve played for years — even if you’ve never played a guitar before!”

— Jean Welles

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Dear Christian Guitar Playing Friend,

What an AWESOME God we have! He is so worthy of our praise. It’s been a joy for me to teach others to play the guitar for most of my life. In 2001 I made the first Worship Guitar Class video with you in mind. The Worship Guitar Class lessons were birthed in prayer and for the purpose of helping people just like you draw closer to Him through learning and developing the skill of playing worship guitar.

The Worship Guitar Class lessons are in DVD format in both English and Spanish. It was suggested to Trademark the name, which could only be done with my own being added. Today ‘Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class™’ is a tool for Christian churches and worshippers in over 70 countries. I’ve had the wonderful opportunities to study with world-class guitarists. You can have lessons from a worshipper who can explain how to play with excellent technique too.

Here are a couple examples of what I mean. I gave free 5-minute lessons at a Homeschool Convention and also a Christian Booksellers Association Trade Show. This is what happens with God plus a trained teacher (me) and an open heart (you) come together:

“Hi, my name is Kent and I just had I’ve just had a 5-minute lesson here and I’ve just learned something today that I’ve been struggling with wanting to learn… well for years. And I’ve learned it today and I feel like I know something now that I can apply for the future. Thank You.”

Christian, have you been frustrated in the past
with trying to learn the guitar? Don’t give up yet…

“My husband tried to learn to play the guitar using different books for more than a year and he almost gave up. We got your DVD and it’s really helping him! Now he’s improving and feeling more confident because he knows what he’s supposed to do. Your DVDs are a blessing to many people!” Shirley Chang – Bellevue, WA

“Well thank you. I really appreciate this lesson. I’ve just learned in 10 minutes what I’ve been…. I’ve been playing for 4 years, 5 years and in 10 minutes I’ve learned more than… oh my… than in the past 5 years. So thank you Jean.

I appreciate this because I had no idea, I’ve been struggling and I thought I wasn’t really much of a guitarist but now I have hope again, so bless you for that! So thank you. I would recommend this for everyone, and we’re going to definitely bring this into the store.” – Jane Lawson, Remunda Cornerstone Bkst, Wickenburg, AZ.(Christian Store)

As you can see in the video testimony above my Christian guitar lessons program is also available in retail stores. We’re in well over 1300 stores and growing. The DVDs are even available locally in US stores in Canada, the UK, Singapore and Jamaica.

What will you learn? Glad you asked. I’ve prepared a 6 minute audio so you could get an idea of what’s in the Christian guitar program. Most of the songs are familiar worship songs to most churches. These songs are copyrighted so I couldn’t actually sing them in this audio. Also, there are now 4 DVDs instead of just the 3 in the audio. The 4th DVD has songs like ‘Shout to the Lord,’ ‘Open The Eyes Of My Heart,’ and more.

Hundreds of Testimonies!

For those that like to see more testimonies there are 3 pages of the 5 minute lesson testimonies – click here, and a couple hundred audio and written testimonies as well.

.To give you an idea of the lessons… here’s the first worship guitar lesson, free. As you will see there are several close-up shots for both hands. The DVDs also have a practice section where you can play all the Christian guitar songs with me, at a very slow tempo.

First Worship Guitar Lesson Free

Put your cursor over the image and Click “play”

(Please wait for video to load. You may need to click play twice.)
Click here for the music

You Can Learn To Play The Guitar Quicker

I opened this page with a statement that in a few months people will think you’ve been playing for years. That was written because this is what people tell me. Every time I get testimonies like these I’m always touched. The verse that says He can do above and beyond what you can ask or think is one I’m well acquainted with!

“God has surely blessed my husband (Stan) with your lessons here at home. He is so fired up and amazed with what God is doing. We usually have him open us up in a few worship songs before we do our family devotions. Our friends have been staying over with us for the last 5 weeks and they are just blown away with Stan’s gift to play the guitar. We all gather around to sing worship songs together while he plays.

Stan has only been playing for about 5 months, but it seems like he’s been playing for a couple of years. He prays every time he begins his lessons with you and then he takes that big step of faith to apply what he’s learned. God has filled him with His peace. Thank you and God bless you, Jean. He is surely using you to reach others here in Hawaii…….:)” – Deanne Tangonan, Hawaii

I wanted to offer you something special for trying my 4 Christian Guitar DVDs. Oh, you may order them individually, but they are so reasonably priced, if you purchase them all, I would like to give you a $40 gift. You can receive this gift if you purchase from this web site, or from one of the Christian or Music retail stores.

To put this into perspective. I charge $60 an hour for private lessons. You can own all four DVDs. This is 28 lessons for under $100! They are $24.95 each or $99.80 for all four and you will receive $40 worth of eBooks as my gift. The ebooks are ‘Tips, Tricks & Exercises for Great Guitar Technique, Favorite Hymns for Guitar, 200+ Chord Charts with Pictures, and Chord Charts for 5 Common Keys and How to Use This Guidebook.

Worship Guitar Class Lesssons


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With all 4 Worship Guitar Class DVD’s you will receive 4 Special Bonuses

Great Guitar TechniqueBonus #1: ‘Tips, Tricks And Exercises For Great Guitar Technique’ with 8 Hymns (#2 below) ($20)

My Great Guitar Technique ebook is the perfect complement to the DVD/Video training. It shows you how to play like a pro — as if you’ve been doing it all your life.

With Great Technique you can…

Play for hours without pain or hand fatigue.
Move quickly and easily across the fingerboard.
Have more fun and feel more comfortable playing.

When I first started playing, my technique was awful. The exercises and ideas in this book are what changed and transformed my playing. And now, they can change yours, too.

I’ve seen them help hundreds of students. Regardless of where your playing is today, you can learn to play the guitar and dramatically improve your playing with great guitar technique!

Here’s What They Say About
“Great Guitar Technique”

“Those who follow Jean’s tips will enjoy playing the guitar so much more than they currently do. The tips are well worth adding to your technique.”
— Tom Shedd, Pastor, Private Music Instructor

“I am really enjoying this book.”
— Bill Barker

I received your ebook and read through it today. It is so helpful. God Bless You.
— Joyce

“I downloaded your Great Guitar Techniques ebook and am enjoying it greatly. I pray that I will be able to play for worship in our home for our bible studies and hopefully understand enough to teach our grandchildren to play along. Blessings to you.”
— Brenda

“I have been working quite a lot in the ebook of tips and techniques and seen some major improvements already just by repositioning my thumb.”
— Glenda Huyser

I currently sell on this web site for $20.00. But when you order my 4-pack DVD set you get this amazing ebook you can download immediately absolutely FREE.

Bonus #2: Favorite Hymns For Guitar Ebook

Favorite Hymns for Guitar is a downloadable ebook in Adobe PDF format (most Internet browsers already have it).

It contains a half-dozen popular hymns with suggestions of strumming or picking patterns, plus the stories behind the songs.

Songs include:

Blessed Assurance
My Jesus I Love Thee
Have Thine Own Way
It Is Well With My Soul
I Know That My Redeemer Lives
When I Survey The Wondrous Cross

Screen shot of ebook.

Bonus #3: ‘200+ Chord Charts and Pictures And Much More,’ plus ‘Chord Charts with Pictures for 5 Major Keys + How to use this Guide Book’ ($20)

  • Learn how to read Chord Charts.
  • Learn a dozen chords on each note of the scale, A, A2, A6, A7, A9, Asus4, Adim7, Am, Am6, Am7, AMaj7, Aaug, etc.
  • Learn what the root is of all the chords
  • Learn why some chords have slashes with two notes and how to find any bass note on the guitar.
  • See the actually pictures of how to play, not only the chart.
  • Learn about movable chords and open chords.

Bonus #4: ‘Chord Charts with Pictures for 5 Major Keys + How to use this Guide Book’
Easy guitar keys and how to use the guide to transpose or write songs.

These bonuses are an instant download for purchasing all 4 Christian Guitar DVDs from this web site. To receive the bonuses from purchasing all 4 DVDs from any of our Stores. Just email, fax or mail a copy of the store receipt with your Name, address, phone# and email address.

Jean Welles Worship Guitar
11664 National Blvd. #275
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Fax: 310-862-4780

f you’d like to order only one DVD now, It’s only $29.95 for the First DVD and Book.

No bonuses included for individual orders… but you will still be blessed with our lessons together.The book is usually $5.95, but both are yours for under $30.


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“See you in worship guitar class!”

God Bless,

Jean Welles
Your Worship Guitar Coach


P.S. – You’ve got absolutely nothing to lose — and everything to gain. The DVDs come with a One Year Money Back Guarantee! I look forward to meeting you in the Holy of Holies as we praise our Creator!. Click here to order now.

P.S. – Still have questions? Here are answers to commonly ask questions.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What age do you recommend for the videos? For example, is my nine year-old too young?
  2. Can you use the videos to teach classes?
  3. What would you recommend for a beginner’s first guitar? Any brands? And why?
  4. Do you have any advice on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing a used guitar?
  5. We have a bookstore in our church and want to carry your videos. Can we order the videos wholesale?
  6. How many credits would you issue to a homeschool student for each video? How many hours do they need?
  7. How much is shipping?

1. What age do you recommend for the videos? Is nine too young?

No, nine 1/2 years old and higher are great for the videos. I don’t recommend them for younger than nine. I’ve taught kids from age five, but the video is geared for an older audience. Younger kids, ages 4 1/2 – 9, can play the songs, but I would start them slower, with one finger chords, for example. (See program ‘Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class™ for Kids’)

On the upper end, there is no age limit. I’ve taught students in their 80’s. I’d teach them older too. One of my ‘Grandma’ students told me her mother learned to swim at age 90. It’s wonderful to always grow and learn!

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2. Can you use the videos to teach classes?

Absolutely! There are several churches in the US and Canada that are using the videos to teach. If you want to do that, let me know and I’ll send you a sheet on how to use them in a class setting.

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3. What do you recommend for a beginner’s first guitar? Any brands?

Nylon-strings are much easier to learn on than steel strings. I recommend starting with a classical guitar. If you already have an acoustic, by all means use it. If your fingers get too sore, you may want to try light-tension steel strings.

Yamahas and Takamines are quite nice. Their are several nice guitars coming out of Japan and Korea. You should be able to get a decent student guitar between $100-$200. They will be made with laminated woods.

At around $400 the tops are made from a solid piece of wood. Hence they are called “solid tops.” Of course, they will sound better. At $1,000 expect to get a guitar with a solid top, solid side and solid back.

Personally, I play a Ramirez. They cost around $5,000.

For solid tops, the guitars from Spain are excellent. I like Esteve, but there are several brands that are quite good.

I think it’s wise to start with a less expensive guitar and then go up as your level a playing and tonal awareness sharpens. Besides it’s good to have an inexpensive guitar around to take to the beach, etc.

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4. I’m thinking about buying a used guitar. Do you have any advice on what to look for and what to avoid when purchasing a used guitars?

Yes, I recommend starting with a nylon string guitar. It’s easier to play. A couple things to watch for are:

  1. Make sure the neck is straight and solid, and the body and neck are well connected. I’ve seen several cheap instruments where the neck was literally pulling away from the body.
  2. Take a business card and with it, see if there is any gap between the bridge and body. The bridge is the little strip of wood where the strings are tied. It’s next to the sound hole. If you can fit a business card or piece of paper underneath, don’t buy the instrument. It’s too expensive to get it repaired.
  3. I usually play every note up the fretboard and check for “buzzes.” Sometimes the frets need adjustment, or the neck is warped. Warped necks can’t be fixed and adjusting frets can be costly too.
  4. You may also want to see if the “machine heads” work. Those are the mechanical parts on the head of the instrument. If everything else is OK with the guitar, go ahead if they are broken. It’s only about $12 to get new machine heads, and they’re easy to install.

Used guitars range anywhere from $50 to hundreds. You may want to check with a local music store for the retail price of any particular instrument you’re looking at, if you have the model number.

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5. We have a bookstore in our church. .

Yes, call or email me and I can give you all the details.

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6. How many credits would you issue to a homeschool student for each video? How many hours of practice do they need to earn it?

A semester is 75 hours. They can actually practice as little as half an hour a day to get the credit. A semester is usually 15 to 18 weeks. On the west coast we talk about 5 credits per class. On the east coast, one credit is the same as 5 credits on west coast.

Students learn at different rates and there isn’t a certain credit per video as much as how much time the student plays. Some lessons are going to be easy and others may need to stay on for a couple of weeks.

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7. The shipping costs vary from about $4.00 and up depending on your purchase. We do ship internationally. The shopping cart can automatically figure out the shipping. Your credit card is not charged before the window that shows shipping, so that’s probably the easiest way to see it.

You are also always welcome to send us an email, or to call us. The shopping cart we are currently using does ask for your credit card information before the shipping costs are calculated, but it does not charge your card until you choose which shipping you prefer in the 2nd window.

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