How To Master Finger Picking

New video and e-book helps your finger picking styles on the guitar.


Dear Guitarist,

I was surprised at how many of you, in a recent survey, wanted to learn more about finger picking. It’s with pleasure I put together a new program for you.

It starts with a finger picking exercise and then you’ll find several songs to play while developing your finger picking technique.

I added some Christmas songs, Hymns, classical pieces and even a flamenco solo to the course. The material is all new and not in my original course, JW Worship Guitar Class. (That course teaches 28 worship songs and includes around 30 different strumming and finger picking patterns.

The new course, How to Master Finger Picking, assumes you already play the guitar. If you have never played before, I recommend starting with at least the first volume of the JW Worship Guitar Class series.

How to Master Finger Picking is easy enough for a beginner player to learn from and will also be beneficial for people who have been playing the guitar for years.

You get:

  • Finger Picking Exercises
  • Some Christmas songs to sing
  • Instrumental solos with finger picking
  • 24 page e-book with the music and tips on playing.

  • Instant Access to the online Streaming Videos

The solos are written in both musical notations and in guitar tab. If you don’t read notes, you can easily learn the songs with all the help from the DVD and guitar tab.

Money Back Guarantee

I personally enjoy playing each of the 8 songs in the course, like ‘Christ the Lord is Risen Today.’ If you aren’t delighted with ‘How to Master Finger Picking, just return it for a refund. There is a 1-year money back guarantee.

What is the price?
The price is just $25. That is less than what I charged for a half an hour lesson. For $5 more, you can also get the physical DVD shipped to your door.

Order your copy here.

Fingerpicking Cover

Two options for the 'How To Master Finger Picking' Viceos:

Instant Access to Online Streaming Videos - $28

...or instant Access to Online Streaming Videos,
plus the DVD shipped - $33