Worship Guitar Class, a Christian Guitar¬†Instructional series to teach you how to play¬†your guitar ‘effortlessly.’

Want worship guitar lessons? Want to learn to play the guitar quickly and with excellent technique? You’ve come to the right place. You can learn to play worship songs on your guitar and avoid hand pain and other problems that can limit your guitar playing. Watch the short video below to find out what’s in our main Worship Guitar Class program.

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On this site you can find videos and article related to Christian guitar, Christian piano, voice and Christian percussion. With our Newsletter, you can receive regular guitar playing tips and encouragement in your Christian walk. I like to call it ‘Family News’ since as believers in Christ, we are indeed family with a common goal and purpose.

Blessings in His Matchless Name,

Jean Welles


Here is a 5-minute introduction to our flagship course:
Jean Welles Worship Guitar Class:

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